How should I install the outside and inside antennas?

We provide Panel (Standard Package) and Yagi (Powerful Package) outdoor antennas that should be placed outside on the roof, where you get the best signal from the cell tower. The distance between the outside antenna and the booster should be from 10-15 meters.

For inside, we provide Whip (Standard Package) and Dome (Powerful Package) antennas. The whip antenna is installed right on the booster. The distance between the Dome antenna and the booster should be from 1-5 meters.

The internal antenna will provide you with 10 feet coverage (from antenna). You may split the signal, by using a splitter. Please, note, as you split, the signal will get weak, as you are not providing with better signal, but you are splitting the existing one. The number of internal antennas depends on the area structure. In case of areas larger than 500 square meters, we are requesting for building layout plans to recommend the right booster with the corresponding number of antennas.

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