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Best In Class Commercial Grade Cellular


Signal Booster for All Networks

23 reviews
Calls & Data 800/900/1800 MHz
Up to 1000
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Pro Tri-Band
Mobile Booster for All Networks

25 reviews
Calls & Data 900/1800/2100 MHz
Up to 1000 sqm
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All Networks Mobile Booster

30 reviews
Calls & Data 800/900/1800/2100/2600 MHz
Up to 1000 sqm
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How Does It Work?

A great tool indeed during times of poor network connectivity, but how does it work? A mobile signal booster has a number of components that work together to eventually kick up the weak signals. There are three main components.

  • A reception antenna
  • A signal amplifier
  • A rebroadcasting antenna

The reception antenna picks up the weak signals that your phone antenna usually finds trouble picking up. It then transmits it to the signal amplifier. This is the main component of the booster. It magnifies the signal until it can be easily detected by phones. The rebroadcasting antenna is the component that makes the signal available to your phone. It does this by transmitting out the now strong signal. And voila! The 1 bar on your is promptly replaced by 5 bars.

Expected Results


data speed

calls & emails

5 bars

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