How should I check my signal strength?

You can check how strong your signal is on your phone by entering Field Test Mode. The way to enter Field Test Mode varies from phone to phone.

You may see your signal strength in bars at the top of your screen, but this does not provide precise information. Thus, you would need to enter Field Test Mode to check your signal strength in decibels (dB).

-80dB or higher, i.e. -70, -60, -50, is considered a strong signal, while in the range of -80 and -90 is an average signal. Below -90 is considered as a poor signal.

Field Test Mode for Android

Enter Settings — About Phone. Your signal strength in decibels (dB) will be displayed under “Status” – “SIM Status”.

Field Test Mode for iPhone

Dial *3001#12345#* on your keypad and press dial. This will bring up the Field Test menu. In the top left corner the numerical strength value will appear instead of bars.

Unfortunately, this is not supported on iPhone 7 and higher versions. In case you have a newer version, you will have to check your signal strength.

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