12 Reasons Why Your Cell Phone Signal is Getting Worse

A strong and steady signal is a base of our communications and in some cases even our jobs. And it all suffers when you are facing connectivity issues.

They can occur for numerous reasons, some of which you might have never thought would be a problem.

Below we have laid out the most common reasons as an answer to a question: “Why is my cell phone service getting worse?”, and some tips to remedy all of them.

1. Your phone

All phones have different antennas. With that saying, it doesn’t mean that each following model of the phone has a better one than before.

For example, you have probably seen old phones of your parents. Or those of you who are dinosaurs like me, actually had phones that had an antenna sticking out of it.

Those were great at catching the signal, as it physically was out of the phone and had an advantage.

The modern phones hide their antennas within the frame of the smartphones, and in some cases, it can hinder the reception.

Remedy tip

Make sure you upgrade your phone to a better model or research the phone you are about to purchase, on the matters of their antenna reception. In case you live in a remote area, that can be a real issue, thus do your part of due diligence and make your choice wisely.

2. Device cover

As we have discussed previously, the antenna in modern phones is built in the phone, for the design reasons, however sometimes at the cost of functionality.

So what can interfere with cell phone signal?

Some of the covers, especially elaborate and rigid ones, physically become a barrier for the antenna to catch the signal.

Remedy tip

Try removing the cover off of your phone completely or placing a lighter version of the cover. In this case, you will experience somewhat improvement of the signal.

3. Operating system

Periodically, the 2 main giants when it comes to operating systems, i.e. Apple and Google put out an update of their current OS with improvements.

That’s what it should be right?

However, sometimes it’s not the case. Some of the newer versions have more bugs, just because it’s new and haven’t been tested in the real world. Plus there is always the aspect of different phone manufacturers adapting to different versions of the updates in a different way, speaking of Android in this case.

Remedy tip

Some of the old versions of phones may not be compatible with modern technologies, which is why you need to make sure that your phone’s OS is always up to date, no matter which year your phone was produced and install all the necessary updates.

4. Too many apps

When it comes to technical specks and too many apps, RAM and SPU are worth mentioning.

When you have too many apps installed, your phone runs out of breath, so to speak, and prioritizes your apps over other functions, one of which can be the antenna and signal allocation.

It takes a lot out of your phone to constantly look for the signal if it’s weak, to begin with, and you are only adding to it, by installing every app you think you might need.

Remedy tip

Clean up your phone once in a while and delete without regret all the apps that you haven’t used recently. Adopt a rule, if you haven’t used an app for the past 3 months – it has to go!

5. Low Battery

Another aspect that can drastically lower your connectivity and be the reason for a bad cell phone reception in house or any other area, is the fact that your battery is running out.

When the battery is running low, it changes to a battery saving mode, which significantly reduces its capability of reception, as it’s now focused on keeping the phone alive and to avoid the battery to completely drain.

In this case, the antenna strength is not going to be high in its priority list, and if you turn off the power saving mode, it will drain the battery much quicker.

Remedy tip

In order to avoid your phone operating under extreme circumstances and to allow it to work on its full capacity, keep your phone charged, or if running low and no access to electricity around, keep a charged power bank at hand.

6. Rush hour

There is such a thing as a “signal rush hour”. Which practically means that many people are using the same network at the same time.

This can drastically reduce your signal strength, as each person using their phone, “bites” a little off the network, leaving less for the others.

We have all surely experienced such problems in concerts, for example, or any other huge gatherings of people, when you can’t really make a call, let alone sending a message.

Remedy tip

In order to avoid signal loss in a rush hour, try to move your essential communication to a different hour. Surely mornings and evenings can be very busy times, but afternoons are rather calm, as most people are at work, school, busy with their daily tasks.

7. Service provider

The signal issue could be associated with your service provider. Maybe they don’t have enough cell towers in your area, or maybe their towers are not powerful enough to serve your particular region.

Remedy tip

Well, this one is easy, right? All you have to do is change your service provider. But what if you don’t want to make that transition, you paid for a plan, or you are still paying off your phone, all your family and friends are using it so it’s cheaper and so on.

Well, there is a great way you can improve cell reception in your house and office by installing a cell signal booster.

It’s a small but very efficient device that will turn your weak signal into full strength. It has many types, and lots of universal ones that support multiple providers, network types and users, giving you absolute freedom of choosing your operator.

8. Distance from the cell tower

The answer to your question of why is my cell phone service getting worse can also lie in the distance that you are from the cell tower.

The further you are, the harder it is for your phone to catch the signal.

Remedy tip

Again, the solution lies in mobile signal boosters, unless of course, you don’t mind relocating to a better reception area.

In case you don’t know the first this about them and need assistance, feel free to contact us for details and we will be happy to provide you with the assistance that you need.

9. Over-crowded cell tower

We have established that being far away from the tower can interfere with the signal, well also being near it can, in case there are too many people in the area that connect to the same tower.

Just as much with the “signal rush hour” point that we made before, the over-crowded cell towers have the same effect.

Too many people use it, meaning that little signal is becoming available to each one of them.

Remedy tip

You can always try to connect to a different cell tower in your area in case you have one. Another thing you can try is changing your provider. However, a lasting and long-term solution would be to invest in a signal booster.

10. Building material

So what causes bad cell phone reception? Building materials!

Yes, excessive metal, concrete and wiring used in the building can significantly reduce your signal strength or simply not let the signal penetrate the building altogether.

We have seen this with many malls, stadiums, office buildings, pretty much any massive constructions.

Remedy tip

In case you are building the house yourself, try to use less metal and concrete and more natural materials like wood, where possible, combined with open floor plans indoors.

However, if you got the house and have no say in the construction materials, or you are simply renting, invest in a mobile booster.

Not to be repetitive, but this solution really works and works well. It is worthwhile looking into and investing, in case you are tired of your weak reception.

11. Bad weather

Bad weather can significantly weaken your signal, for the simple fact that your signal travels in waves, and severe weather conditional like thunder, rain, strong winds disrupt the paths of those waves, weakening the signal in the process.

In one way or another, we have all experienced that. There surely was a moment when you asked yourself why my wifi signal was weak all of a sudden during a thunderstorm.

Well, the thunderstorm was the reason!

Remedy tip

There is nothing you can really do about bad weather, unfortunately. There is no place on the planet that has perfect weather. NO matter what you have to deal with – snow, hurricanes, thunders, storms or tsunamis, you won’t be in the clear in any part of the world.

12. Hills and valleys

Just like the matter and concrete can stop or slow the waves from cell towers, mountains and hills can do it just the same.

If you are located in the valley surrounded by the mountains, you are most certainly going to experience signal troubles. That is of course if your provider doesn’t have an elaborate web of cell towers.

Remedy tip

Unless you consider moving to a less mountainous place, you will have to get and install a signal booster. Sorry, but there is no way around it if you want a steady and stable signal in every corner of your space.

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