How to Get Videos Stop Buffering on Your Phone

In these troubled times, many of us are constantly stuck at home, and for many of us, streaming videos, movies, and tv shows is a great way to clear our head and have a rest from a long day of online work and studies. No one likes a buffering video, but often the video does not stream as flawlessly, as we would have hoped, and instead of a good rest and relaxation, we get long buffering videos and just more frustration. If you are no stranger to this situation, read on to find out how to stop video buffering madness and save your precious time. 

Why does my phone keep buffering?

Videos buffer for different reasons. It can be anything from viruses and overload on your phone to bad reception and choosing the wrong time. Let’s list these reasons for your convenience.

  • Bottleneck hours.  Let’s assume your reception is great and your phone is fine. Then why do videos keep buffering? The reason might simply be the number of viewers at a certain hour. If you are trying to stream a tv show in premium quality between 19:00 and 22:00, the chances are there are too many viewers and the video keep buffering. There are certain solutions to this situation. Here’s how to fix buffering:
      1. Decrease the quality of whatever you are watching. In this case, you can avoid overloading the bandwidth and the streaming will be much easier.
      2. Downloading the intended video or movie is a great way out if the videos keep buffering. It will make your life easier if you are willing to wait for a little while. 
      3. Avoiding the ‘rush hours’ is another good way to stop buffering from troubling you. It still requires some patience on your part but definitely be rewarding. 
  • Connection troubles.  This is a very widespread problem, even in our day and age. Anything can decrease signal quality: remote location, concrete, thick walls, or excess metal wiring in those walls. Solutions can also be versatile, but the most foolproof way to solve this particular problem is to acquire a signal booster or buffering speed booster, in case of a troubled 4G connection, or a wifi booster, if the problem is rooted in the wifi connection. Read on to find out more details on this solution. 
  • Troubles with your phone. Let’s be clear on this. It is perfectly possible to stop buffering, even if there is some problem with the software or the antenna. To give a comprehensive answer to the question of how to stop videos from buffering, let’s discuss Android-powered phones and iPhones separately. 

Ways to improve video streaming on an iPhone

If you want to know how to stop video buffering, let’s discuss different measures you can take if you are an iPhone owner. 

The first thing on the agenda is checking the internet speed on your phone. You do need impressive internet speed to stream videos without delay. Each video grade and quality has its requirements regarding internet speed. For example, to be able to stream HD quality videos, the minimal required speed is 5 Mbps. After you checked the speed, here are a few steps you can take. 

  • Update the software. All you have to do here is go to Settings – General – Software update.  This step will make sure your phone runs more efficiently without delays and complications. 
  • Clear browser history. This is important in order to free the RAM of the unnecessary load. There’s saved data affecting your internet speed and it has to be deleted in order to clear up the history and cache. To do that go to Settings – Safari – Clear History. 
  • Close apps running in the background. This can slow down your phone more than you think and still many of us don’t really focus on closing all the apps we have used during the day before attempting to stream a video. 

Ways to improve video streaming on Android 

How to stop buffering on Android phone? The principle is pretty much the same as with the iPhone, just the same settings might be hiding under different names. Here is some advice:

  • Clear the clutter. This can be done manually by simply uninstalling lots of apps you nearly never use. Yes, we know you have them. An average smartphone user has way more apps installed on their devices than the ones they use on a daily or even weekly basis. You can also download a special app that can help you clear your clutter monthly, making sure you never build it up too much. 
  • Update the phone. The same advice goes fr both iPhones and Androids. The device will run much more efficiently and increase your chances for flawless video streaming if the software is updated. On Android phones, go to Settings – About Device / About Phone – Software Update / System Update. 
  • Disconnect other devices. Having more than one device using the same bandwidth, limits your chances of streaming something without unnecessary frustration. So make sure all the other devices are disconnected from the bandwidth before streaming. 

Get faster video streaming with cell phone signal boosters 

How to get videos to stop buffering? Get faster internet. As we mentioned before, having a signal booster available can solve this problem and give you access to better, faster signal, and thus bring you closer to flawless streaming. A signal booster is a device that consists of an outdoor antenna, that traps the incoming signal, an amplifier to enhance that signal in case it’s weak, and an indoor antenna, that will rebroadcast that magnified signal across a certain area. 

Signal boosters are pretty versatile and you can get different devices for different purposes. These are the main principles differentiating one booster from another. 

  • Coverage. There are boosters with coverage more suited for a small apartment, and other models that can be used for huge warehouses, offices, etc.  The range is pretty big, so make sure you don’t overpay for a device more robust than you actually need. 
  • Bandwidth. Boosters are equipped to work on a certain frequency, so if your provider has its call service and 4G service running on different frequencies, you’ll need a device that can accommodate them both. Or maybe you want to be able to switch from one provider to another. In this case, you’ll need a booster that is more versatile. Thankfully, there are plenty of models that can run with all major US providers. 
  • Outside signal strength. Some devices are powerful enough to boost your fluctuating or weak signal from 1 bar to full 5, in other situations that kind of power is not even necessary, so you’d be overpaying for something that is not suited for your needs. If you live in the city and your outside signal is very strong, but you have trouble in certain corners of the house, make sure you get the right device with the right antenna. 

Undoubtedly, this subject needs some research on your part, and there are plenty more nuances you should consider, but remember, that you can always contact the manufacturers of these devices to get some practical information and advice on the right booster for your needs. 

As you can see, having buffering videos on your phone is not an interminable situation, and there’s plenty of things you can do to fight it. From updating your phone to getting a signal booster. 

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